Thursday, September 22, 2011

1. introducing

In this occasion I want introduce myself to you all.
my name is Imam Arifin, you can call me imam, I-M-A-M or Arifin, it's up to you.
I'm 20 years old. Now I live in Paninggilan, Ciledug.
I graduated from senior high school 1 in blora, central java.
Do you know Blora?

Blora is one of regency in Semarang area, not long way from Semarang or Surabaya's city. the location in the east side of semarang's city and in the west side of Surabaya's city.
approximately we need 5 hour to take Blora-Semarang and just need 3 hour to take Blora-Surabaya by bus or motorcycle.
My hobby. 
there are a lot of my hobbies. like playing football, watching football match, listening music for example dewa19, peterpan, Muse, Westlife, MLTR, and Avril. browsing in the internet, chatting, and many others.
In the future I really want to be a business man. I want to be the husband of a teacher, because I'm very impressed with the figure of the teacher.
I think enough.
I apologize for my mistakes for if any.
Thank you very much for your attention.
see you next time..


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