Monday, October 17, 2011

Did you talk about me?

 Outside the Disco
Spike: “What’s wrong, Emily? You’re upset.”
Emily: “You know what’s wrong, Spike. You went out with Daniel last night.”
Spike: “Don’t be silly! He’s just a nice guy. Anyway, we didn’t stay out late.”
Emily: “What did you do?”
Spike: We just walked along the sea front and talked.”
Emily: “Did you talk about me?”
Spike: “No, we didn’t. We talked about Canada and his family. I like Daniel as a friend. It isn’t serious.”
Emily: “What do you mean?”
Spike: “I don’t fancy him. Daniel likes you.”
Emily: “Me?”
Spike: “He’s just shy, that’s all. Anyway, I’m going out with Paul.”
Emily: “What? David’s brother?”
Spike: “That’s right. Do you feeling OK now?”
Emily: “Yes, thanks.”
Spike: “Let’s go and hear Chili's last number.”

Task 1
Match the questions with the answer based on the dialogue
that followed

1. Why is Emily upset? (E)             A. She likes him as a friend.
2. What did Daniel and                  B. A boy is called by Paul.
    Spike talk about? (D)
3. How does Spike feel                 C. Because he is shy
    about Daniel? (F)
4. How does Daniel feel                D. Canada and his family.
    about Emily? (A)
5. Why doesn’t he tell her? (C)     E. Because she was out with Daniel last night.
6. Who is (B)                               F. He likes her.

Task 2
Listen and repeat the useful phrases below!

- Don’t’ be silly!
- I like (Daniel) as a friend
- It isn’t serious.
- I (don’t) fancy (him).
- That’s all.
- Anyway, (I’m going out with Paul).

Task 3
Complete the conversation! Refer to the useful phrases above in Task 2! Then act it out with your partner!

Daniel : “What’s the matter with Emily?”
Luke : “ She’s upset.”
Daniel : “ (1) …Don’t’ be silly!…! Of course I’m not. (2) …Anyway…, I’ve got a girl friend in Montreal.”
Luke : “But, you are always with Spike. You’re very friendly with her.”
Daniel : “May be I’m. but I (3) …I (don’t) fancy.. Her!”
Luke : “You mean, I (4) …It isn’t serious.…?”
Daniel : “Of course, it isn’t. I (5) …I like as a friend… friend, that’s (6) …That’s all

Task 7
Change into negative sentences!

1. Emily got angry with Daniel.
2. Mary watched movies yesterday.
3. David washed his mother’s clothes last week.
4. Andrew visited his uncle yesterday.
5. Diana worked on computer last night
1.Emily did not get angry with Daniel
2.Mary did not watch movies yesterday
3.David did not wash his mothers clothes last week
4.Andrew did not visit his uncle yesterday
5.Diana did not work on computer last night
Task 8
Make a question for each statement

1. Susan cycled in the Park last Saturday.
2. Andy helped the housework’s Mona last weekend.
3. John tidied his room yesterday.
4. Andrew visited his uncle yesterday.
5. Diana worked on computer last night
1.Did susan cycle in the park last Saturday?
2.Did Andi help the housework’s mona last weekend?
3.Did john Tidy His room yesterday?
4.Did Andrew visit his uncle yesterday?
5.Did Diana work on computer last night?

Task 9
Work in pair: Student A and Student B!
You will have questions and answers of the activity about what
Nigel did last week.
Student A
Ask Student B questions to find out what Nigel did last
week! Then answer Student’s B questions!
A: “What did Nigel do on Monday morning?”
B: “He walked in town.”
Below is Nigel’s notes

What did Budi do on Monday morning?Budi walked into town on Monday morning
Played chees
Worked on my computer
Cycled in the park
What did Budi do on Tuesday afternoon?Budi surfed the internet on Tuesday afternoon
Played badmintoon
Visited a museum
Practiced the lambada for2 hrs
What did Budi do on Wednesday evening?Budi listened to music on Wednesday evening
Worked on my school project
Where did Budi go on Thursday afternoon?Budi jogged round the park on Thursday afternoon
Washed my father’s car
What did Budi do in Dede home on Friday moning?Budi Practiced the guitars on Friday morning
Helped with the house work
Played cards
Cyled in the park
Carried my mother’s shopping
What did Budi do in His room on Saturday evening?He watched a video on Saturday evening
What did Budi do when he is sick on Sunday morning?Budi stayed in bad until 12 on Sunday morning
Watched sport on TV
Tidied up room


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