Sunday, December 4, 2011

Would u like to come

Meeting 12
Would you like to come.

Task 1
Answer the following questions based a short conversation below!

Roy : “Hi, Jack. Listen, I have two tickets to the Rolling Stones Concert. Do you want to go?
Jack : “That sounds great! When is it?
Roy : “29th Wednesday, October.
Jack : “What time?”
Roy : “Eight thirty.”

1. Who is invited? =Roy
2. What is the name of the event? =Rolling Stones Concert
3. When is it held? = on 29th Wednesday, October.
4. What time is it held? =Eight thirty

Task 2
Below is the continuation (kelanjutan) of the above dialogue. Read it and then find whether Jack will see the concert together with Roy! How did you know?

Jack : “Oh. I’ve got to work at night. But, thanks for inviting me.”
Roy : “Well, no problem, may be other time.”
Jack : “Listen, how is about Jeff. May be he can come along with you.”
Roy : “Thanks, I'll try.”

Task 3
Then, Roy invites Jeff to see the concert together with him. Will Jeff accept his invitation? How do you know? Below is their conversation.

Jeff : “Hi, Roy. How is your life?”
Roy : “Just so, and you? Are you till busy in a school project?”
Jeff : “Yup, a biology small project for this month.”
Roy : “Amazing! By the way, I’ve got two tickets to the Rolling Stones concert. Can you come?”
Jeff : “Great! When is it?”
Roy : “29th Wednesday, October.”
Jeff : “What time?”
Roy : “Eight thirty.’
Jeff : “Oh, good. I don’t have any plans. I need to refresh my mind for a while, then.
Roy : “Let’s meet at my house at seven thirty.’
Jeff : “Fine. See you then.”

Task 4
Learn the expressions below!

Do you want to go?  <-- Less Formally
Can you come?        <-- Informally
Would you like to join us?     <-- Formally
Accepting Invitation (menerima undangan)
That’s nice.
That sounds great.
I love it.
I’d love to.
I don’t’ have any plans. (saya tidak mempunyai rencana)
I am free.
I’d like to.
My pleasure.

Refusing Invitation + Reasons for Refusing (Menolak undangan +alasan untuk menolak)
I’d like to, but I can't                 +       I have some plans. But, thanks for inviting me.
Oh, I’d really love to, but I can’t.      I have to finish my project.
Oh, no…I can’t


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